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Energy healing through Reiki

Your wellness is priority. As a Reiki Master, I am here to facilitate the flow of cleansing Reiki energy to you to encourage physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.

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My background

I began my own journey of healing through Reiki a few months after ending a long term relationship. While I was processing the associated grief, I came across a class being offered to become a Reiki practioner. I thought why not? The attunements opened a channel of healing beyond my expectations. 
Afterwards I spent time using Reiki on myself to improve my own wellness especially when I needed grounding. At work I would give a little Reiki boost to coworkers to reduce their daily stress. Since the start of this Reiki journey I found myself on a path of healing, self discovery and finding direction.

This clarity is what I wish to give to you. Whether its life stress, mental health issues, chronic pain, or to clear your path to your higher spirtual self. 

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My Services

Reiki is offered both in person and through distance. This universal energy knows no time or space, so it can be used to help ground us for future events, help heal past wounds, and be delivered to you anywhere in the world.Each Reiki session is unique for everyone and each session for the same person can be different. Often the experience can depend where you are and what you're ready to change or recieve.The most common experiences are; a release of tension or pain, relaxation, warmth, a sense of being grounded, and clarity. The effects can be immediate or be gradual over a day or so. 

In-person Healing

Each session begins with smudging cleanse, and customized aromatherapy. Then the Reiki flow is opened and flows through your mind body and spirit, where your chakras are cleansed and protected. Reiki will flow where it is needed.

Many folks describe their experience as enlightening, grounding, and anxiety reducing. Some individuals have described a spirtual journey they traveled throughout the session. What your experience reflects what you are open to receiving. 

Each session is 1hr long. After the treatment can debreif your experience, what blockages I felt throughout the treatment, as well as some options for continual care.

1hr session is $60

*Subject to current Covid-19 restrictions*


Distance Healing

Reiki energy is not limited by time or space. One of the symbols opens the flow through myself with a direct link to you regardless of your location.
The service is performed over the phone, messenger or zoom, where you will need to be undisturbed for about 1h. The experience is the same as an In-person session, with the exception of you being in your own space. 
Following a distance healing session, a Reiki Crystal Grid is made providing a continual flow of Reiki for 24 hours. 
Afterward we can discuss your experience, what blockages I felt to give you space to further explore the issues.
1hr session is $45

Express Reiki

Is your energy low? Do you feel overwhelmed? Maybe stuck? Need quick grounding? Want to try Reiki?
A Reiki boost can be helpful. It is performed through the same modality as distance sessions, with a focused flow to one area that needs clearing. 
Perfect for a quick cleanse at the end of your day, to ground you before an important event, or to help those sleepless nights.

20 min session is $20


Clarity readings 

If you're looking for some direction or clarity in a situation. I am offering personalized readings with runes. Readings are clear and concise and take around 20 mins. Done virtually or in person.They can be live or recorded. Cost is $20

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St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

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