Energy healing through Reiki

Your wellness is priority. As a Reiki Master, I am here to facilitate the flow of cleansing Reiki energy to you to encourage physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.


My Journey

I began my own journey of healing through Reiki a few months after the ending of a long term relationship. I was grieving the loss of friends, family, my home, and my little furry children, when I came across a class being offered to become a Reiki practioner. I thought why not? I did not expect the attunements would open a channel of healing on levels that I thought would be forever damaged. 
After the class I spent time using Reiki on myself to heal my heart and improve my wellness. It was unreal how grounded I became. At work I would give a little Reiki boost to coworkers who were anxious or struggling with mental health. I then began to realize how Reiki can make a difference in other people's lives. Since the start of this Reiki adventure it's unbelievable how this universal healing energy has changed my life, and those around me. It led me to becoming a Reiki Master Teacher at the end of November 2020.


My Services

Reiki is offered both in person and through distance. This universal energy knows no time or space, so it can be used to help ground us for future events, help heal past wounds, and be delivered to you anywhere in the world.Each Reiki session is unique for everyone and each session for the same person can be different. Often the experience can depend where you are and what you're ready to change or recieve.The most common experiences are; a release of tension or pain, relaxation, warmth, a sense of being grounded, and clarity. The effects can be immediate or be gradual over a day or so. 

In-person Healing

In my healing room, I offer in person Reiki healing. It consists of pre-session smudging to reset existing energy then the session begins with a guided meditation to help you relax. Then the Reiki flow is opened through me as a channel where 5 healing symbols are used: to open the flow, intensify the mental healing, open healing through distance, both physically and through time, then it is intensified through the master symbol, and at the end a grounding symbol. The chakras are cleansed and adjusted, stagnant energy is moved and or removed. A session lasts 60 minutes from beginning to end, and some notes are made as a take away that was felt through the session.
The cost is $65

*Subject to current Covid-19 restrictions*


Distance Healing

The service is performed over messenger video chat or zoom, where you will need to be undisturbed for at least an hour. The experience is the same as in-person where the 5 Reiki symbols are used to promote healing. Following a distance healing session, a Reiki Crystal Grid is made providing a continual flow of Reiki for 24 hours following the treatment. Some notes are made during the session of blockages or areas that were balanced.
The cost is $55



St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

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